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How to access

To access, you should have a device like phone or computer. setup page is used to manage your wifi extender and change settings like WiFi password, firmware update or reset process. In this article we will share all tips and tricks to troubleshoot any error that you might face while accessing the Wavlink setup page. Extender setup

  • Unbox your Wavlink extender and turn it on.
  • Place your extender near the main router.
  • Wait for the solid power light on your booster.
  • Get on any smart device.
  • On your WIFI device open settings and click on WIFI option.
  • Get connected to the Wavlink extender setup_EXT.
  • Go to
  • Now you can see the new extender setup page is open.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to configure your Wavlink extender.

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    How to reset Wavlink repeater using

    To reset your Wavlink repeater , you need to visit This local address helps you to reset your extender in just two to three minutes.

    Follow the steps to reset your repeater using

    • First, Plug the repeater.
    • Connect with Wavlink_N Network.
    • Now,go to
    • Enter Admin and then Hit Login
    • You should see the Wavlink management page now.
    • Navigate to the Settings or Advanced option.
    • Here you will find the reset option.

    Sometimes you cannot access a device like a phone, tablet or computer. In that case you can reset the Wavlink extender with the Hard reset option. Which is less time consuming and quite easy to do.

    Wavlink reset
    wavlink extender setup using ap.setup

    How do I login my wavlink WiFi extender?

    Your wavlink Wi-Fi extender login process is very simple.
    Follow the given steps below:

    1. Get on your device.
    2. In the address bar type and click enter.
    3. On the screen, the normal Wavlink extender login page appears.
    4. Then fill up your username and the password you assigned during the setup process.
    5. Then click on the login button.
    Now you can access all the settings of your Wavlink range extender setup.

    Why is not working? not working if you are facing this issue, that means you are on the right page. Here we will discuss why is not opening or working. As you already this address is used for Wavlink repeater setup and you can even manage your repeater using this web address.

    Troubleshooting steps for

    • Your wavlink extender should be near the router.
    • Laptop, desktop or phone is required to access the page.
    • is a local page.
    • You should be connected to the repeater to access the address.
    • Make sure the power light on the extender is solid.
    • Access wavlink setup page using google chrome, microsoft edge or safari etc.

    How to hard reset Wavlink wifi repeater?

    A hard reset will restore your factory default setting. If you forget your password for your wavlink wifi extender, you can reset your extender settings.

    1. Plug in your booster.
    2. Press the reset button with a solid pin.
    3. Hold it for approximately 8 to 10 seconds.
    4. Then wait for restarting your Wavlink repeater.
    5. Once it’s done you can see all the light is flashing solid green.
    6. In a few seconds you can see some light automatically close.
    7. That means your device is successfully reset.
    If you have any query about your Wavlink booster then you can contact our experts they are configure your query. By live chat or calling.

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