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Wavlink-N No Internet Issue

Wanlink-N No Internet Issue is one of the commonly known problems Wavlink Wifi Extender users face. In simple words, it means that there is a problem with wireless connectivity. The issue must be a consequence of mismatched network security, Wireless connection interference, improper installation of your Wavlink Wifi Extender, etc. So basically, you will be provided with the solutions on how to fix the Wavlink-N no internet error. For other issues like in case if you can’t access, just follow the relevant web page within this website for the information.


What if “Wavlink-N” is visible but I can’t connect to it?

There are multiple solutions for this connectivity issue commonly faced by a lot of users. After trying one solution in vain, you can move on to the next one.

Make sure you know the following details before moving on to the solutions for the network issue below:

  1. Network name (SSID)
  2. Wi-Fi or wireless password (Security Key )

Please connect to the router using a LAN cable to find the wifi password if you have forgotten the Wireless Network Name (SSID) and Password.



Fixing Wavlink-N No Internet Issues

Follow the below-given solution if you are facing Wavlink-N No Internet Issue in the first-time setup:

  • Plug the Wavlink WIFI extender into the power outlet.
  • Now once you see the power light on the extender, connect any wireless-enabled device with the Wavlink_N network.
  • After your device is connected to Wavlink_N, there will be no internet access.
  • Please open a web browser and type in in the address bar.
  • You are now Wavlink range extender setup page.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to connect your extender to the existing wireless network.
  • Once you successfully installed the booster, you will see the internet access on the Wavlink WIFI.

After installing facing Wavlink Extender No Internet Issues? Here is the fix

The solution for solving the Wavlink extender is no internet issue after installing:

  • Make sure your wireless device has a valid IP address. The IP address of your Wavlink Wifi Extender must be in the same range as that of the router. A suitable IP address must be obtained.
  • Delete or forget about your old wireless networks. When you change the wireless network’s password or other details and can no longer connect to it, forgetting or removing the wireless network is crucial.
  • You can change the SSID (wireless network name) as an alternative to forgetting or removing a wireless network in order to fix a problem brought on by changing a password or other aspects of the wireless network. This will result in the creation of a new wireless network. With your password, you ought to be able to access it.
  • You might need to adjust your Wavlink device’s wireless channel in order to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Note: By switching the Network mode from 11b/g/n Mixed Mode to 11b/g Mixed Mode on the same page where you change the SSID, you can fix an unreliable or sluggish wireless network.

  • Alter the encryption and security settings, the security mode mismatch problem can be rectified by changing the security mode.
  • Because Access Control or MAC Filter may be restricting your access to the Internet while you are unaware of it, you may be unable to connect to the wireless signal. You can remove the restriction or just restart the Wavlink device to its default settings.
  • On the Wavlink device’s back panel, look for a Reset button or hole and press it firmly for around 8 seconds. All the indicators will turn on or off during this time, and many of them will later back off or turn on. After being reset, the Wavlink device will lose all of its customized settings.
  • If other devices can connect to the Wi-Fi, your computer’s driver may need to be updated. The older the device, the more true this is. Refer to the device’s user manual for more information.

If none of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you after trying them all in vain, you could try updating the Wavlink device’s firmware. Read further to know the Wavlink Wifi Extender Firmware Update Process.

Wavlink extender firmware update

How do I update the firmware on my Wavlink Extender?

The following are the steps to update firmware on your Wavlink Wifi Extender in order to fix the Network Name Wavlink-N showing No Internet Issue:

  • You must first insert the Wavlink extender’s plug into the outlet before pressing the power button to turn it on.
  • Visit on any browser you are comfortable with.
  • Enter the range extender’s default admin and press the login button to continue.
  • In the administration option, you can upgrade the firmware extender.
  • The latest Wavlink update can be found by just searching for Wavlink firmware in the search bar.
  • When you do, click the apply button after you’ve found it and chosen the update file.

Now Wait a short while until the firmware update is complete. 

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