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Wavlink Extender Setup is your ultimate savior, when it comes to internet-related problems. It never fails to swipe out dead zones from your house. Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup are the best part of extending your network for faster, safer, and better internet using AP.Setup

Talking about the compatibility, Wavlink extenders can work with all your devices. Whether it is a smartphone, a smart TV or even a Roku, Wavlink can manage it all with ease. In this article, we will talk about the necessary steps you need to follow for setting up your Wavlink extender. 

Wavlink Range Extender Setup Guide

Before you can start using your extender, you need to set it up. Basically, the extenders work through your router by boosting their signals. Therefore, under the setup, you need to configure your extender with your router. 

Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup – Step By Step Process

For Wavlink WiFi Extender setup Here’s a rundown of all the necessary steps that you need to follow. Make sure you follow all the steps accordingly without missing any of the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Turn on your Wavlink WiFi Extender through the electric shocket.
  2. Turn on your WPS equipped router as well with power switch.
  3. Put your Extender close to each other untill Wavlink WiFi extender setup done.
  4. Now, Search for the WPS button in the router and Extender.
  5. Press the WPS button on router and Wavlink extender to setup.
  6. Please wait for finish your connectivity process.
  7. Then in few minutes you see connection successful and LED lights green.

After following all these steps, you will successfully complete your Wavlink extender setup and will be able to enjoy seamless internet services. That’s all we have for today.

How to setup a Wavlink extender via WPS?

Lets get introduced to another way to configure or install your Wavlink extender i.e. wireless protected setup or we can say that WPS setup. With the help of wireless protected setup you will be able to configure your extender within 2-3 minutes only. In this process there is no need to mention any username, password or any SSID. You will have to press a small button and nothing else.

To setup Wavlink extender via WPS go through these simple steps given below:
  • Power on your Wavlink extender.
  • Place your booster close to the home router.
  • On your repeater press the WPS button.
  • Now press the WPS button on the home router too.
  • If the WPS light turns to stable green
  • It means that the connection between router and extender is good.
  • Plug out your extender and place it at a new location.
  • Now connect your other wifi enabled devices to the extended network.

Wavlink Extender Setup

How do I update firmware on Wavlink extender?

Have you ever heard about the firmware? If not then we will let you know.Actually the firmware is the combination of both hardware and software. Set of programs embedded into a hardware is known as the firmware.In the case of Wavlink extenders you will have to update the firmware time to time to overcome the problem caused by your extender. These problems may be regarding the performance or about the security issues.
  • First of all, power on your Wavlink extender.
  • Grab any mobile device.
  • Go to "http://ap.setup/".
  • Click on settings option.
  • Now hit the Firmware update option.
  • Follow the on screen prompts to complete the update process.
  • Do not unplug your booster while the process is going on.

By following these instructions you can update firmware on your Wavlink extender.

How to reset Wavlink Extender?

The factory reset operation is mostly supposed to be performed whenever there is a need to retrieve the admin password. After performing the factory reset operation it will delete all your personal details including your username,password and SSID e.t.c.and make your extender ready for the new installation process.

In order to reset Wavlink extender go through following steps:

  • Take out your Wavlink extender and turn it on.
  • Look at the factory reset hole on the side of the booster.
  • Grab a hard pin or something like that.
  • Put the hard pin in the hole and press it for 8 seconds.
  • After the LED blink, eject the pin.
  • Thus you have reset your Wavlink extender successfully.
Wavlink AC1200 reset button
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