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Wavlink Range Extender SETUP

How to configure the Wavlink Range Extender Setup using the WPS button? 


In this article, we are discussing how to configure of Wavlink range extender setup using with w.p.s button. To set up your Wavlink extender this is the fastest way to sync your extender to the main router or modem.

To use the w.p.s feature the extender and the router should be 4-5 feet away from each other. Now let’s jump into the step by step installation process of the Wavlink extender setup.

wavlink range extender setup


Here are the 4 easy steps to connect Wavlink range extender:


  1. Click the WPS button on your host router and within 2 minutes, click the WPS button on the Wavlink extender.


  1. Wait until the Signal LED switches to solid blue which means a good WPS link. 


  1. Wavlink range extender setup is finished, and the WI-FI repeater detects the signal immediately. 


  1. Pleasure. Both expanded networks use the same SSIDs (network names) as the host networks, and passwords. 
It isn’t unusual for people to experience slow or unreliable wireless networks. Wireless interference can come with number of things, such as wireless interference, incompatible wireless protection mode, overloading, etc.

This article gives you troubleshooting steps to setup your Wavlink WiFi Range Extender:

  • Assure that ap.setup is receiving proper power supply from the wall socket.
  • Confirm that the wall-plugin in Wavlink extender plugged in is not damaged.
  • Access high-speed internet connectivity on your device.
  • Check all wired connections and don’t use damaged cable.
  • Always place the extender away from the walls, room corners, microwaves, oven, cordless phones, metal objects, etc.
  • If you are facing issues or trouble with the default web address, confirm you have entered the correct URL http://ap.setup  in the web address bar.
  • Use the latest version of the web browser during ap.setup login.
  • Use the latest version firmware version on the Wavlink Range Extender Setup.
  • Check that you entered the correct IP address.



-All ISP gateways default to disable the WPS feature. If the WPS link fails, please log in to the Wavelink Range booster Management tab. 


-The place you select must be within the boundaries of your current host network, or your expanded network output would be impacted. 


-Please select a place well away from Bluetooth systems and other households electronic equipment such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and baby monitors to avoid signal disturbance.

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