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Wavlink AX1800 Setup

Wavlink AX1800 setup guide. Now say goodbye to the dead zones at your home or office from the Wavlink AX1800 WN583AX1 WIFI repeater. It is a dual-band (2.4G 573Mbps + 5G 1201 Mbps with aggregated speeds up to 1800Mbps.) wifi 6- mesh extender. For more capacity and efficiency it offers a bandwidth of 80 Mhz. After a successful Wavlink AX1800 installation, you will be able to get the range extended from your existing router, and can enjoy the internet services even in the remote areas of your house or office.

wavlink ax1800 setup
wavlink extender setup ax1800

Here are the steps for Wavlink AX1800 Setup:

  1. Unpack your AX1800 and turn it on.
  2. Press the power button and wait until it gives the solid green signal.
  3. Make sure that your repeater is placed near the main router.
  4. Get connected to the Ap extender setup _Ext.
  5. Launch any web browser and visit Ap.setup.
  6. Now the Wavlink extender setup page.
  7. Create your Ap login account by putting your personalized details.
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to end the setup process.
  9. Now unplug your WN583AX1 and plugin at your desired location.

That’s how you can configure your Wavlink AX1800. In the next blog, we will talk about another procedure to install your WIFI range booster i.e. the wireless protected setup (WPS).

How to setup my Wavlink AX1800 WN583AX1 extender?

Let’s get more familiar with another way which is considered as the fastest and easiest way to configure your Wavlink repeater i.e. the WPS method. After you perform the Wavlink AX1800 WPS setup you will be able to set up your extender within two minutes without entering any username, password, or SSID. Let’s see how the WPS method is performed.

For Wavlink AX1800 WPS setup follow the given steps below:

  1. Turn on your Wavlink AX1800.
  2. Place it near the existing router/modem.
  3. On your WN583AX1 press the WPS button.
  4. Now also press the same button on your router.
  5. Once the WPS light turns to solid green.
  6. That means the connection between your router and extender has been established.
  7. Now you can unplug the booster and place it at the place having dead spots.

In this way, you can configure your Wavlink AX1800 by wireless protected setup.

Wavlink ax1800 setup
Victony firmware update

How to update firmware on Wavlink AX1800?

In order to get rid of the issues (either it is not giving the required speed or something else) that you might face while using your extender, you will have to update firmware on Wavlink AX1800 as it comes with the new security features and other new features which are helpful to overcome your issues.

To update firmware on Wavlink AX1800 follow the given instruction:

  1. Firstly power on your WN583AX1.
  2. Get on any smart device.
  3. Visit “http://ap.setup/”.
  4. Click on settings and then hit on firmware upgrade.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the firmware update operation.
  6. Don’t unplug the AX1800 while the update process is in progress.

That’s how you can update the latest version of firmware on your WN583AX1.

How to reset Wavlink AX1800?

After setup Wavlink AX1800 extender. If you accidentally forget your admin passphrase or username and you want to recover it back then you will have to perform the factory reset operation on your extender. Once you reset Wavlink WN583AX1 it will automatically prepare your extender for a new setup process by deleting all your personalized details such as password, username, or SSID. To perform a factory reset operation you must grab a hard pointed object like a paper clip or a needle.

Here are the steps to reset Wavlink AX1800 WIFI repeater:

  1. Make your Wavlink AX1800 powered on.
  2. Locate the factory reset button under a hole on the side panel of your booster.
  3. Take a hard pin and press the factory reset button for 7-10 seconds.
  4. Once the LED blinks, it will automatically reboot your extender and prepare it for a new installation process.
  5.  Keep in your mind that do not unplug your extender until the process is completed.

Thus the factory reset process has been successfully done. If you still have any queries about configuration, firmware update, or factory reset operation then you can call us on our toll-free numbers.

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