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How to setup the Wavlink Aerial X Extender

How to setup the Wavlink Aerial X Extender:

Wavlink Aerial X Extender: One of the best extender from Wavlink is the Wavlink Aerial X Extender Setup. With their 2.4 GHz processors, these extenders support a speed of 300 Mbps. Hence, for all kinds of routers, they are ideal. In addition, Wavlink’s Aerial X extender series is the most prominent in terms of compatibility. 

With all your devices like Alexa, computers , laptops, Roku, smartphones, etc., Aerial X can easily connect. You can therefore use it for all your purposes, such as playing games online and streaming high-quality videos. 

Wavlink Extender Setup


But you need to do the Wavlink AERIAL X Setup before you start enjoying the countless benefits of the Aerial X extender. Repeater mode setup and access point setup are two ways to set it up. In addition, with its WPS function or with the help of a browser, you can also set your extender. 

Wavlink AERIAL X In repeater mode setup:

  • First, your extender needs to be positioned close to your router. Have a look at the LED light on the extender after that. A blinking red light. 
  • You need to turn on your laptop  after you see the red light and connect it to your extender ‘s network. Go to your device’s wireless manager to do this, and connect to a network named ‘Wavlink-N.’ 
  • Now, launch your laptop’s browser and type the AP.Setup web address in the URL bar. 
  • You will be asked by the website to log in with your username and password. In your case, the username and password are both admin (without any capital letters) and the login button is clicked. 

Wavlink Extender Setup


  • After that, you will be asked to create your extender with a customized password. To continue, just enter your desired password and click on the Save button. 
  • You will now be prompted to select an operation mode from the list provided on the screen.
  • In order to continue, you need to select the repeater mode from the list. 
  • You must now select the wireless network you wish to extend from the list of available networks within your reach. 
  • You need to enter the password for that network once you select a network. 
  • If you want to change the name of the extended network or keep it similar to the SSID of your router, you will now be asked. Do this and proceed with the next step on your own. 
  • Aerial X will now take around 60 seconds to connect to your router, and it will successfully extend your router ‘s network after that. 
  • Now, by making sure it displays a blue color LED that is an indication of strong network strength, you can place the extender anywhere. 

And it is that! You’ve completed the New Extender Setup  successfully. Now you can watch the best quality of all your favorite videos, play any online game, and do anything from all corners of your house online. For today, that’s all we have.

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