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Victony Wi-fi Range Extender Setup

Victony Wi-fi Range Extender Setup: Whether you are a gamer, a binge-watcher, or just an internet savvy, you need a great internet connection for all your online activities. However, it is not possible to attain the most out of your wireless internet connection when you have dead zones in your home.

Hence, everything can be done in a snap, whether it is gaming, video streaming, or even downloading. The Victony extender is equipped with many features and is a great asset to get rid of all the problems associated with your internet. 

You will know about two methods of setting up Victony Wi-fi Extender Setup in this article: 


WPS Method 

WEB Method

Victony Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup using the WPS method:

Follow the steps below to install Victony Wi-fi Range Extender Setup  with the help of WPS: 

  • First, connect your extender to a power supply near your router.
  • Take a look at the power LED once connected and make sure it displays a solid color light. 
  • Now, on both your router and your New Extender Setup , locate the WPS button. Once found, push the button on each of the devices simultaneously for approximately 2-3 seconds. Victony Extender Setup
  • Your router has been successfully linked with the extender once you see a green blinking light on your extender. 
  • You just have to wait for about 10-15 seconds after this to let the devices identify each other and begin working.
  • The LED on the extender will transform into a solid green color after the connection is made successfully. 
  • You can now feel free to remove from the spot your extender and place it anywhere in the home. For maximum benefits, it is recommended to keep the extender in places where the internet does not work at all. 
  • Let ‘s look at an alternative method now.

Victony Wi-Fi Extender Setup using the WEB method:

  • In order to set up Victony Wi-fi Extender with a browser, you need to follow the below instructions: 
  • Begin by connecting a power supply to your wi-fi extender. You don’t need to keep it close to your router, and anywhere you want, you can do it
  • To transform into a solid green color, wait for the extender to turn on by keeping an eye on the LED indicator. 
  • Now, take a device and open the wi-fi manager, such as a laptop or a smartphone. Connect with your extender ‘s network under the wi-fi manager. The network will, most likely, be unsecured.
  • Open a browser of your choice after you have successfully connected to the network and head towards the URL bar. Type in or copy-paste the Ap.setup website in the URL bar. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard after that.
  • Finally, in both fields, you will be asked to provide login credentials and you simply need to enter “admin”. Click on the login button after that and you will be redirected to the dashboard. Just follow the steps mentioned on the website from this point on and finish the setup.

And that’s how you easily set up Victony Wifi Extender. For today, that’s all we have.


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