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Victony Wi-Fi extender setup

Configure your Victony Wi-Fi extender setup using ethernet and WPS method

Victony extenders allow users to connect to the gadgets and provide them with the greatest experience when watching full HD content, high graphics games, and fast-speed broadband to boost wireless range. You will get full wifi ranges in any region where you may be faced with internet or network problems. Victony wi-fi extender setup may be performed by tapping the extender via the WPS method or manual method. So, without wasting more time,

let’s start with the manual process of Victony extender setup:

  • Firstly, Power on your Victony wi-fi extender setup and connect it into the plug socket.
  • For connectivity via Ethernet cable, connect to your laptop, computer, smartphone etc and to the Victony extender LAN socket. although.   You would be able to configure the device.
  • Pick up the desktop, Computer, or tablet and enter AP.Setup or use as your default admin password.
  • After the ap extender setup page is accessed, pick a secure network, and establish a strong login password and follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Then, set up your victony extender as the default setting. Without any disruption, you can access the enhanced network.

Victony extender setup using WPS: Victony WiFi extender setup

  • First of all, make sure your Victony wi-fi extender setup receives a full electricity supply and tap the power button to turn it on.
  • Spot the WPS button on the Victony extender, and then hold the button for a few seconds. Then verify the LED light on the ap.setup and make sure that the green colored LED light indicates the connectivity between both the router and the Victony extender is established
  • Thereafter, you need to connect to your expanded network. When it’s finished, with ap.setup and you’re free to go and experience the enhanced network without any concern!
  • If you’re facing any problem while connecting your extender feel free to talk to our mywifiext new extender setup experts on 1-866-988-8965.

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