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Victony WA305 Extender Setup:

Victony WA305 Extender Setup:

Victony WA305 Extender Setup:

victony wa305 extender setup is a dual band wireless extender setup. That boost your wifi signal or wifi network and experience you a best uninterrupted gaming,movies and web series. Victony WIFI Extender Setup comes with 4 external antennas you can bet for getting unparalleled wifi range throughout your homes and offices. You can connect your New extender setup very easily. It’s a plug and play device that connects with any router in 15 seconds. Victony WIFI Range Extender setup has three modes “Router/Repeater/AP”, which you can choose according to your need. But one thing you need to remember is when you switch the mode do not forget to reset or reconfigure your Ap.setup

Victony Extender Setup

Victony Wi-Fi Extender Setup VIA WEB BROWSER:

  • First of all, you take your victony wifi extender setup and your router in the same room.
  • Make sure that you get at least 50% signals from your router to the extender.
  • Now, switch on the extender and your router.
  • Wait for a few seconds and check if the LED light is going stable or solid green.
  • Take your laptop, computer or mobile and open your wifi settings and connect with victony wa305 extender setup.
  • On the first time there is no need to enter a password they automatically connect with your device.
  • After connecting they showed no internet available, then opened any web browser.
  • In the top of the address bar type New Extender Setup or you can type login window will appear.
  • Enter your username and password as “admin”.
  • Select your extender that you want to connect with your router and enter your new extender setup password
  • After setting up the device reboot your extender for 15-20 seconds and then turn it back on.
  • Connect your device with the victony wifi range extender setup that name shows as “SSID_EXt” in your wifi list.

Victony WA305 Extender Setup


  • For setting up your AP wifi range extender setup through WPS button. follow the given below instructions and set up your ap extender setup. 
  • First plug your extender and your router through ethernet cable.
  • Now, wait until the LED light gets stable. 
  • Then, press on the WPS button and leave it in 5 seconds.
  • Light will blinking both of devices and in 15-20 seconds the lights will stop blinking that showed a successful setup.
  • Now you unplug your new extender setup and set it up wherever you would like with range extender setup.
  • After that the new extender setup shows you “SSID_EXT” in your wifi list and password will be the same as your routers password.


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