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Victony WA1200 Extender Setup

Victony Extender Setup

Victony WA1200 Extender Setup

Setup the VICTONY WA1200 – Dual Band WIFI Range Extender 1200Mbps with 4 External 3dBi Antennas Signal Booster with 360 Degree WIFI Repeater

Victony WA1200 Dual Band Wireless Extender

Victony is an initiate as we talk about conveying value for money paid for it. Victony WA1200 Extender provides 1200 MBPS rate which offers gaming, online HD video play, downloading and uploading an efficient experience. Victony Dual Band Extender is going to have the following WPS, LAN and WAN port, ON or OFF button and also the reset button. Victony WA1200 Extender setup will have two methods to set it up either using the WPS or through the web browser setup by using “”. This Extender does have strong antennas which makes it convenient for your devices to stay attached if your signals are getting weak. It also has a LED light indicator which will tell you to discover the better place to place this extender. There are 2 Ethernet ports on Victony extender that allows you to attach all types of computer or games consoles and also the WAN port lets you to utilize Victony simply as a Router.

How do I setup my Victony WA1200 WIFI extender?

There are two ways or methods to setup your brand new Victony WA1200 which are either using one of these, WPS or the Web Browser.

Victony WA1200 Extender Setup using WPS

  • First of all, attach your Victony extender near to the Wi-Fi router.
  • When you attach and turn on the extender stand by till the power LED lights up to green on the Victony AC1200.
  • Tap and hold WPS of the extender for at least two seconds.
  • Redo these similar prompts on your Wi-Fi router, by tapping the WPS on the Wi-Fi router.
  • You will see a LED flashing light on the Victony WA1200 range extender and on the modem or the router.
  • Now it will take almost 10-15 seconds for the WIFI repeater and Wi-Fi router to set up the connection.
  • When you get connected successfully the WPS LED on the Extender will light to solid green.
  • Place AC1200 extender at any location where you think are weak spots.
    • IMPORTANT: – If there is case in which WPS will not work, try to reset your Victony Extender. For uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection put your extender not near to any large electrical appliances.
Victony WA1200 extender setup

Victony WA1200 Extender Setup

Let’s get know how to install Victony WA1200 WIFI repeater?

  • In this method, firstly attach in your WA1200 extender in any of the outlets available near you.
  • You have to wait until the repeater lights up to solid green light on the power LED.
  • Now go and open Wi-Fi settings in your devices like laptop, WiFi-enabled PC, Mac or mobiles etc.
  • And look for the Victony Network in the list of available network.
  • As soon as you connect, start the browser on that device and put in “” in the address bar and open it.
  • This will show the Victony WA1200 Extender Setup page for setting up your WIFI repeater.
    • IMPORTANT:- If will not open up then attempt to reset the extender, or swap your browser or swap to some other Wi-Fi enabled device.
  • Follow the onscreen direction and connect your extender with the home WIFI modem or router.


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