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Victony Extender Setup

How to Setup  Victony Extender Setup

Victony Extender setup: When it comes to a value-based initiative, none will reach the expertise of Victony wireless range extenders. Victony Wi-Fi Extender Setup makes things simpler online, smoother and secure. Victony does this with the help of the 1200 MBPS speed that it provides.

So, it can be done in a second whether it is gaming, downloading video, or even uploading. Victony Extender setup  is filled with several choices and is a great tool for getting rid of any website related problems.

victony Extender Setup

Benefits of installing Victony Extender Setup

It’s super easy to use, it’s pretty basic to set up, and it’s great that this system has dual-band features. It’s good that this system has four antennas and you can switch these about in order to get a better signal. Victony extender setup the ultimate solution for all your  intenet- related issues.

Follow the steps below to set up Victony Extender Setup using WPS:

Link your extender to your router with a power supply at close range in the first place.

  • When connected, take a look at the power LED to ensure that it displays a solid color image.victony extender Setup | ap.setup
  • Place the WPS button on both the router and now the extender. If found, push the button for around 2-3 seconds at each of the devices simultaneously.When you see a green blinking light on your extender, you have successfully connected the extender to your router.
  • After 10-15 seconds, you just have to wait to allow the systems to learn each other and start AP.Setup The lead on the extender becomes a strong green colour after successful contact.
  • Now, you may feel free to withdraw the extender from the spot and position it elsewhere in your home. For better advantages, it is advised that the extender be installed in places where the internet does not work at all.Let ‘s dive into the alternate approach now.

Follow the steps below to set up Victony Extender using Web browser:

  • Begin by attaching a power supply to your extender setup. You don’t need to keep it next to your router, because wherever you can, you can do it.
  • To convert into a solid green color, wait for the extender to turn on by keeping an eye on the LED indicator.
  • Now, take a computer and open the wi-fi extender, such as a laptop or a smart phone. Link with your extender  network under the wi-fi . The network would, most definitely, be unsecured.New Extender Setup | Victony Externder Setup
  • Open a tab of your choosing after you have successfully linked to the network and head for the URL sign. Type in or copy-paste the Ap Extender Setup website in the URL bar. Click the Enter button on your keyboard after that.
  • Finally, in both cases, you will be asked to have login credentials and you just need to enter “admin”. Click on the login button after that and you will be guided to the dashboard. Only follow the steps listed on the website from this point on and finish the setup.

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