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How to setup the Rockspace WI-FI Extender

Rockspace WI-FI Extender Setup:

Rockspace wi-fi extender setup: The arrangement from the site re.rockspace.local can be effectively done on your wifi empowered gadget after you associate your wifi go extender appropriately. Once the Rockspace extender an arrangement you can move it to another area where the wifi signals are acceptable so that the extender will spread the system equally to all the zones of the house.

Rockspace Extender Setup

You can see the re.rockspace.local setup arrangement:

  • Plug in the electrical outlet extender. 
  • Establish a secure relationship between the extender and the PC.
  • The power LED light be turn on.
  • Open an internet browser and go to re.sockspace.lcoal interface on the website. 
  • When the site opens you should enter the default certifications of the extender in the fields.
  • Press login and it will display the Rockspace wi-fi extender setup  page. 
  • Follow the instructions and directions given and configure the wifi range extension without any problems. 

Rockspace Extender Setup

Rockspace Extender Setup via Manual Method:

At the point where you are trying to manually arrange your wifi extender, you can immediately follow the below methods. 

  • Plug in the wifi extender to connect to the New Extender Setup site and power on. 
  • Wifi range extender rockspace interface with the PC 
  • Launch an internet browser and type Rockspace wi-fi extender setup in your browser’s address bar. You’re on the login page now, 
  • You should enter your username and secret key when you have reached the login page. 
  • You can press login after entering the default certificates, 
  • Then see the new setup page for the extender and you can see the efficient arrangement of the extender .
  • Save all the settings and then move the extension to an area where the wifi signs are appropriate. 

Rockspace Extender Setup

Complete the Setup of the wifi extender after registering your gadget and keeping the extender in the right place. The LED markers on the wifi go extender that illuminate as indicated by the nature of the wifi signals at a specific location can find the right spot. At the point where the WPS button is missing on the switch, the extender can be used in the manual technique above without much of a stretch arrangement. If you can’t get to the rockspace extender setup site with the site interface, then you can try the IP address of the extender.

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