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Rockspace AC750 Extender Setup

How to Setup Rockspace AC750 Extender?

Rockspace AC750 Extender Setup, also known as Rockspace RSD0607 Extender, is a wireless wi-fi Extender that aims to eliminate dead spots in your workspace before startup. The extender can be attached conveniently to the existing network. It has the best show style for the class. It consists of different features that render this extender special.

  1. To set up the Rockspace AC750 Extender setup, the very first step is to control it from an electric AC outlet.
  2. Link to the closest power AC outlet using your extender.
  3. When done, attach your wi-fi system to the wi-fi network extender and check that your computer’s mobile data should not be switched on.
  4. After that, open any web browser on your computer and enter the address bar or type with the URL http://re.rockspace.local.
  5. Develop a login username and password, or pick a default username and then pick the wi-fi network to be extended.
  6. Enter the password for the wi-fi and wait before the extender begins to appear.
  7. If the RSD0607 Rockspace Extender Setup is completed, switch the extender between the router and the dead spots.
  8. You will learn about it from an LED indicator that will turn blue as it spots the coverage.

Rockspace extender Setup

 Rockspace AC750 Repeater Setup via WPS:

  • First, you need to connect in some power socket that is closest to the router to set up the re.rockspace.local AC750 Extender.
  • If the LED begins to light blue, you can start the setup phase.
  • Click the WPS button on the router after the LED symbol begins blinking.
  • Click the Extender’s WPS button within two minutes of pressing the router’s WPS button and verify whether the LED signal turns blue or red.Rockspace Extender Setup via wps
  • Relocate the Rockspace extender between the router and the dead spot and use an LED indicator to verify the coverage power.
  • When you have the maximum range of coverage, you can access the network openly without any interruption.

Rock Space AC750 RSD0607 extender as an Access Point

  • you need to plug in the Rockspace AC750 Extender Setup electrical power outlet.
  • Link your router and extender with an ethernet cable of decent quality.
  • Open the site page and visit , or enter the mywifiext.setup URL and pick the alternative mode from the menu.
  • Last but not least, set up a password and SSID.

Rockspace New Extender Setup

Features of Rock Space AC750 extender:

As described below, the Rockspace AC750 extender has several new features that render it special and compatible:

  • Steady link of the signal with dual band technology
  • Compatible for almost any router.
  • It consists of dual antennas, increasing the coverage of the signal.
  • Through the WPS button or web user interface, it can be set up easily.
  • A smart LED signal predictor that helps locate specific places.

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