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Rockspace AC1200 Extender Setup

ROCKSPACE AC1200 Dual-Band Range Extender

Easy One-button Rockspace AC1200 extender setup process and much more about the wireless repeater to get the seamless wireless internet connectivity to your home or office.

rockspace ac1200 extender setup

ROCKSPACE AC1200 WIFI Extender setup

To begin with the Rockspace Ac1200 extender setup. Let us discuss with the specification, it will help to get rid of the WIFI dead spot in your home or office by boosting wireless signals up to 2640 square feet, and give you an ample amount of connectivity through out every corner of your place.

  • Rock space 1200Mbps is having dual band connectivity which will give a steady and improved Wi-Fi connectivity to which will be good for online streaming or online gaming.
  • Given with the WPS button which will help you to setup your repeater in quick time without any hassle.
  • When its come to security the AC1200 will provide with WPA, WPA2 security which will ensure to provide the maximize security to not allow any other to connect to your personal internet.

In this article, we will discuss various ways to install your Rock space AC1200 repeater  and as well as how to update firmware and factory reset the extender to reconnect to a new router or a modem.

Rockspace AC1200 extender setup using WPS method

  • First of all, attach your AC1200 extender into a power outlet which is close to main Wi-Fi router or modem.
  • Once you have the power led light on the repeater, push the WPS button on the repeater.
  • In about two minutes, tap on WPS button on modem or router.
  • You will have the blinking lights on the both the devices.
  • If you will see all led light lit up on the repeater it means you are successfully connected your Rock space.
  • Then, place your AC1200 repeater where you have the weak or poor signals.
  • In the end, connect your device with the Rock space repeater to see the difference.

For more information & trouble shooting:

rockspace Ac1200 extender setup

Rockspace AC1200 Installation Assistance

Let’s now discuss the step by step instruction to connect the wireless repeater to the existing wireless router or modem.

So let’s begin how to setup Rockspace Ac12oo extender:

  • Attach your AC1200 extender to any electrical outlet.
  • Next, stand by till you see indicator as on.
  • Go to the wireless settings option on your tablet or pc.
  • And select the default WIFI “Extension” network.
  • Launch a web browser and type in “re.rockspace.local” on the address bar.
  • You are now on the Rockspace AC1200 extender setup page.
  • Now enter the default username “admin” and password “admin” to begin with the installation.
  • Follow every steps to connect your repeater to the existing network.

How do I setup Rockspace AC1200 Range extender?

  • Begin your Rockspace AC1200 extender setup, you will have to plug the repeater to the power outlet.
  • Make sure you have the solid led power light on the extender to start the installation process.
  • Now connect your  WIFI-enabled device with the default “Rock space _ Ext” network.
  • Then you have to launch any internet browser and type in default web address “re.rockspace.local” in your address bar.
  • Login by putting in “ADMIN” in your password and following your device will carry out a look up for the networks which are visible.
  • Obey all the prompts provided on the setup page from which the repeater will be attached to the main Wi-Fi network completely.

Rockspace AC1200 WIFI Extender Setup

Troubleshooting steps for Rockspace AC1200

  • Always check that your AC1200 is turned on, and perfectly attach to the electrical outlet.
  • Make sure that that ethernet cables are not attached lightly, affix that perfectly and look if its working or not.
  • Unplug the wireless repeater and stand for a minute and attach the AC1200 back again into the power socket. Now turn it back to “ON” if it is not working properly.
  • Position your Rockspace extender close to main router for signal and look if it starts to work.
  • Also it is easy to reset your Rockspace AC1200 router. You need a needle to reset your extender box. You see on your extender there is a reset button. Hold the reset button for five seconds and let it go, this will take your extender into factory reset mode. You have to setup your extender again after it goes to factory reset mode.
  • If you have any electric device near to the repeater kindly remove because it will also create connectivity problems.
  • For the Rockspace AC1200 extender setup make sure the booster only have the power light. If you have any other light apart from the power kindly factory reset the booster.

For more troubleshooting information:

How to factory reset Rockspace Dual band AC1200 WIFI extender?

Go with the following steps to factory reset your AC1200 dual band repeater with the use of RESET button:

  • First of all, make sure that the Rock space repeater power LED is turned on..
  • Pick up any sim opener pin or something same to it, then tap and hold the reset button about at least 7 seconds.
  • And now release the sim opener pin and wait for power led to light up back again.
  • If you see only the power led light which is lit solid on the extender it means the AC1200 is successfully reset to the factory default.
    • Note: Apart from the power if you have any other light on the extender kindly follow the above steps back again.
  • Now follow the Rockspace AC1200 extender setup to connect your device to the existing router or modem.
Rockspace Wi-FI Extender Setup

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