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Bring a boost to the Existing WiFi Connectivity

Rockspace AC1200 Wi-Fi Repeater

Nothing’s more irritating than a weak Wi-Fi signal in your own home to give life to the Dead Zones. A simple and simplest solution to eliminate the dead zones in your own home or in a broad coverage area is to position Re.Rockspace Local extenders in the areas where the signal becomes weakest. Basically, the Rockspace wireless range extenders allow the user to increase the Wi-Fi signal by connecting any wired device to it, thus improving speed and efficiency in the same bandwidth range available. Customer satisfaction is the aim of our organization and on a priority basis. We and our team are full of experts and available 24/7 to help you with any problems related to your order, even though you are not provided with technical support. Feel free to contact us or you can also reach us directly on the Toll Free phone. However the quality of our product is up-to-date, but we will be pleased to assist you at any time in the event of any query.

Compatible Universally:

In reality, Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders are compatible with any wireless router or access point of any type. So they can improve any regular router’s Wi-Fi or any brand’s access point. In addition, its universal compatibility makes it a system that can extend and reinforce the wireless network even if it changes over time in any bandwidth range. It is also reliable and compatible in small areas because of its small size and simple installation.


Re.rockspace.local Setup

Re.rockspace.local site arrangement can be effectively done on your wifi empowered gadget after you associate your wifi go extender appropriately. Once the Rockspace extender an arrangement you can move it to another area where the wifi signals are acceptable so that the extender will spread the system equally to all the zones of the house.

Re.rockspace.local setup arrangement ventures

  • Plugin the extender to the electric outlet. re.rockspace.local
  • Establish a protected association between the extender and the PC
  • The power LED light ought to be turned on
  • Open an internet browser and go to the website interface re.sockspace.lcoal
  • When the site opens you should enter the default certifications of the extender in the fields
  • Press login and the re.rockspace page will show up
  • Follow the prompts and directions given there and set up the wifi range extender without any problem

Rockspace WIFi Range Extender Setup

Follow the below-given steps to connect your Rock space extender to the home WIFI router or modem

  • Firstly, plugin the Rockspace into the power outlet.
  • Now connect grab a WIFI enabled device i.e. tablet or a cell phone.
  • Go to the setting option on your device now and look for the open extender network.
  • Now launch an internet browser and type re.rockspace.local in the address bar of your browser.
  • Now, you are on the Rock space range extender setup page
  • Follow the on-screen directions to link your booster to the existing WIFI network.

Complete the WFI extender in the wake of enrolling your gadget and keeping the extender on the correct spot. The correct spot can be found by the LED markers on the w extender which will illuminate as indicated by the nature of the WIFI signals got at a specific spot. At the point when the WPS button is absent on the switch, you can without much of a stretch arrangement the extender in the above manual technique. On the off chance that you can’t get to the Rockspace extender setup site with the site interface then you can attempt the IP address of the extender

rock space extender setup

Rock space Extender WPS Setup

Rock space extender setup using the WPS button that is offered on the Rockspace Wi-Fi range extenders, to set up the connection between the extender and router in no time.

Follow the instruction below to install the Rock space WIFI range extender:

  • Plug your Rock space with in 2-3 feet from the main router or modem.
  • Now, wait until the power light on the extender turns solid.
  • Then push the WPS button on the Rockspace extender.
  • And then within 1-2 minutes press the WPS button on your modem or router.
  • You will see the led start blinking on both the devices.
  • Do not unplug or turn off the WIFI extender while the setup is going on.
  • If the Rock space extender is successfully setup via WPS button, you will the see power, WPS and device led all lit up on the wireless booster.

How do I connect my Rockspace extender using re.rockspace.local?

  • Start by connecting to Rock space WIFI Extender, plug in your extender into a power outlet.
  • As your turn on your extender, grab a laptop or a tablet.
  • And go to the wireless settings option and connect your device with Rock space WIFI network.
  • Now open a web browser i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Type re.rockspace.local web URL on the address bar and hit on Enter.
  • Rock space extender setup page opens up on  your screen, you may click on either range extender choice or access point.
  • Follow the instruction to connect your booster to the existing router or modem.

For information and troubleshooting:

AP Extender Setup

How do I reset my Rock space wifi extender?

  • Turn on the extender by plugging into outlet and stand by till you see solid blue LED.
  • Put a sim slot opener pin into the reset hole button on your extender..
  • Keep the pin in for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Always check that extender is always turned on when your insert the pin in.
  • Now put out the pin from reset button and stand by till LED turns to solid BLUE.
  • Launch wifi settings in any device and make sure that you see “ROCSPACE_EXT” in list of Wi-Fi available.
  • So that you can access re.rockspace.local setup page to re-install the extender.
  • Whether you don’t see “ROCKSPACE_EXT”. Then simply reset extender one more time.

For more information:

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re.rockspace.local extender setup guide to connect your wifi range extender. For the new extender setup re.rockspace.local is the web url
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