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Mywifiext SetupDetailed Guide on Mywifiext Setup: Step by Step Procedure 

Mywifiext Setup Guide:

  • Are you strolling with your poor internet connection? 
  • Well, here’s what you can do! 
  • Often at times, there are some areas at our home that don’t receive coverage from our network connection.
  • These areas are commonly known as dead zones and are found majorly in medium and big houses. 
  • Moreover, dead zones can also occur due to interference between the network. For instance, you may have a wall between your lower and upper room and your upper room might not have good coverage due to the wall. 
  • Even appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators can interfere with the network and counter its connectivity. However, getting rid of the walls of appliances is not a practical and subtle solution for such a problem.
  • In that case, you need to have a AP Extender Setup to solve this problem. With the help of a wireless range extender, you can easily boost the coverage, quality, and speed of your wireless network.

New Exteder Setup

Mywifiext Setup Guide to Install Netgear Range Extender

Therefore, in this article, let us have a look at the Mywifiext Setup procedure to configure your Mywifiext extender and start using it. 

  1. Foremost of all, you need to connect your extender to a power supply. So grab a power adapter and connect it to a stable source of power. Ensure that there are no cuts on the wire and take precautions while connecting. 
  2. Once connected, turn your extender on by pressing the power button for a while. After that, make sure that the LED light shows a solid green color in order to verify that it is turned on successfully.netgear extender setup
  3. After this, you need to get an ethernet cable and establish a connection between your wireless range extender and router. To do this, connect one end of your ethernet cable to the port available on the extender and the other end to the router. 
  4. Once done, take a device such as a desktop computer or a laptop to proceed with Connect the device to the wireless network of your extender. After that make sure that you have a browser application installed in your device. 
  5. In your device, launch the browser application and navigate to the URL bar. After that, enter the web address and hit the enter button. Once done, you should land on a website with a blue button saying “new extender setup” button.
  6. Click on the start setup button and you will be presented with a login page. On this page, you need to enter your admin credentials that, by default, are both admin. Hit the login button after feeding both the details and you should be logged in successfully.
  7. Lastly, just follow the steps that you see on the next page and you will be able to complete the setup with ease.  After the setup completes, the website will be closed automatically.

And that’s it! At this point, your Mywifiext Setup is completed successfully. Therefore, go ahead and watch your favorite shows, download your favorite files, and do anything on the internet from any part of your house.

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