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MyMak AC600 Outdoor extender setup

In this article, we are going to discuss MyMak AC600 outdoor extender setup. This outdoor extender AC600 model is intended for use as an outdoor “Access Point” or an indoor “Wireless Repeater” network, making it an ideal solution for large areas such as a factory, community, street, or large house, among others. To get the best and most consistent speed from your MyMak AC600, choose the “Access Point” mode (rather than “Repeater”) for outdoor use, and connect your router and this AP via the PoE converter using an Ethernet cat 5e cable (max 60m).

MyMak AC600 Outdoor extender setup
MyMak AC600 Outdoor

MyMak AC600 Outdoor Extender Setup

Learn how to install MyMak AC600 outdoor extender in Router mode, follow the below-given instruction: 

  • Firstly plug the MyMak AC600, into the power outlet.
  • And connect the ethernet cable to the POE box to your extender and to the main router.
  • Grab a WIFI device i.e. smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • And connect your device with the extender network.
  • Once connected, open a web browser and type ap.setup
  • You are now on the outdoor extender setup page.
  • Enter the default login password ( admin ).
  • And click on login.
  • Once you logged in, select the country/region and time zone and hit Next.
  • Now select the Ap/Router mode option.
  • And create your extender name and password. Then hit Next.
  • Wait for the setup to finish on 100%.
  • MyMak AC600 is now successfully configured.

How to set up my MyMak AC600 outdoor extender?

  • To begin setup MyMak AC600 outdoor extender to the repeater mode, make sure your extender is plugged into the POE box.
  • Grab any laptop or a tablet.
  • And your device with the extender network.
  • Now open a web browser and type ap.setup or
  • Enter the default login password – admin.
  • Once you logged in create your AC600 profile and hit Next.
  • Now choose the option Repeater and create a WIFI name and password.
    • Note: The password should be the same as the existing wifi password.
  • Hit Next and wait for the setup to complete.

In repeater mode, a user doesn’t need to connect the cable from the router to the POE box. The extender will work wirelessly.

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MyMak AC600 extender setup

MyMak AC600 is an outdoor WIFI extender designed for Extreme Conditions: IP65 rated weatherproof and heat-resistant case.  Supports the industry-leading Wi-Fi 802.11AC standard, which is 3 times faster than Wireless-802.11N. AC600 fixes the issue of a weak signal in an excellent manner and assists in increasing the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

Now let’s jump into the  easiest way to setup MyMake AC600 outdoor extender:

  • Plug your MYmak AC600 into the POE box.
  • And wait for the power light to turn on.
  • Now on push the WPS button on your extender.
  • And then push the same button on your router.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes
  • And when the connection is successfully established, there will be all lights lit up on the AC600.

Note: To setup MYmak AC600 outdoor extender with the WPS connection. The router and the extender must be in the same room.

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