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MSRM Extender Setup

MSRM Extender Setup 

An MSRM Wi-Fi Extender accessible online or at the nearest computer shop is the fastest repair. As the name implies, by rebroadcasting the current signal from the wireless router, Wi-Fi extenders broaden the spectrum of Wi-Fi in your house or workplace. One of the best Wi-Fi extenders available on the market is the MSRM WI-FI Extender Setup. It has a stylish look and can be plugged into any socket in your home or office comfortably. It has two 5dBi antennas that boost the range of your signal, providing a reliable signal for better transmission of data. In addition, the strong technologies used in this device’s design helps it to provide a stable network without dead links. There are three indicator lights on the front of the unit: control, network, and Wi-Fi. At the bottom of the device, there is also a single LAN / WAN port, and a WPS / Reset button next to it.

MSRM Extender Setup

The following is the MSRM Wi-Fi Extender System description:

  • It has a rate of high-speed data transmission of up to 300 Mbps, which is perfect for phone calls video downloading, gaming, internet surfing. And walls can easily penetrate in the multi-floor building.
  • It is compatible with almost all Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as Android smartphones, iPhone, laptop , desktop, iPad, tablet, etc.
  • For TV, online games, and broad file downloads, MSRM repeaters are perfect.
  • Compatibility with the 802.11n / g adapter provides communication without the requirement for a wireless adapter.
  • It is simple to deploy and compact enough for traveling around the house due to its small size and wall-mounted Setup.
  • To guarantee that the network you are accessing is safe, it provides a WPS button. For the same, you don’t need to mount any extra wires
  • The twin fixed external antennas of 330 degrees remove the dead areas in your home or workplace and have the perfect connectivity for your Internet needs.
  • It can be easily carried while traveling since Mywifiext Setup is small and compact.
  • Three modes are available: working mode, repeater mode, and router mode.
  • Incidents like electrical shock or fire are prevented by the specialized thick ABS. While the hollow construction on both sides facilitates fast cooling, the substance guarantees long life.

MSRM Extender setup

MSRM Wi-Fi Range Extender setup

Before purchasing the MSRM US302 Extender Setup, we recommend confirming the dead zones in your house. Make sure the current wireless router has an active Internet link to locate a vulnerable spot or dead zone. If the location you choose has no signal at all, then the extender does not need to be installed.

In order to set up the MSRM Extender Setup, below are the steps:

Plug-in a socket with the extender and start the device.

Go to the Wi-Fi selection screen on a wireless computer, such as your cell phone, desktop, notebook, etc., and pick MSRM.

Open a web browser and in the URL field, type AP.Setup. This opens the admin tab,

To navigate the dashboard, enter the following credentials

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: Admin

Now, pick the mode for Repeater

From your wireless router, select the existing SSID (name) of your existing Wi-Fi network you are looking to extend.

MSRM WI-FI EXtender Setup

You have two options: either create a new name for your Wi-Fi network or use an existing network. The above is advised as you do not want to create a new link in your home or office with established devices.

Enter the credentials of the existing Wi-Fi network in the Repeater SSID field. If you need to build a new name for the network, specify a different name. Make sure that the password remains the same as that of your current router.

To save the details entered and to connect to your extended WiFi network, click the Connect button.

Your extender is ready for operation. You can purchase additional extenders to expand your network coverage if your home or office is large and has more dead zones.

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