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Flashowl AC600 Extender Setup

Flashowl AC600 Extender Setup

Learn how to setup Flashowl AC600 extender with the http://ap.setup web URL:

  • Plug your Flashowl AC600 extender into an electrical outlet to begin configuring it.
  • Wait for the power led light on the Dual-band repeater to turn solid green.
  • Now, on your wireless-enabled device, navigate to the WIFI settings option.
  • And connect your device with AC600 wireless repeater.
  • Once connected, launch an internet browser and enter http://ap.setup into the address bar.
  • You are now on the Flashowl outdoor extender setup page.
  • To connect your booster to an existing wireless network, enter the default login credentials to start the setup.

If you run into any problems while installing your outdoor WIFI booster, please contact our certified expert who will assist you in connecting your repeater.

Flashowl ac600 extender setup
wavlink ac600 setup

How to install my Flashowl AC600 outdoor extender?

  • For setup, attach your Flashowl AC600 extender to an electrical outlet.
  • There are two ways to connect your outdoor booster:
    • Through Wireless – Power on the Fashowl AC600 range extender and lookup for SSID of this product on your wi-fi enabled devices then attach to it.
    • Through Cable – Attach the Ethernet cable to the computer or laptop and extender’s LAN port, then you can begin to configure the outdoor repeater.
  • Open up a web browser from your computer, laptop, or mobile and type in in the address bar.
  • You are now on the Flashowl AC600 extender setup page.
  • Connect your repeater to your existing wireless network by following the on-screen instructions.

Flashowl AC600 Outdoor WIFI Extender | Firmware Update

  • Get the newest firmware file from the official Flashowl website.
  • You to extract the firmware file from the file you download from the Flashowl website.
  • Log in to the setup page for Flashowl ac600 extender, then select the “Setup” tab and choose the “Upgrade Firmware” option.
  • Tap on Browse/Choose File to look for the new firmware file.
  • Tap on Apply, and stand by for the upgrade process to finish.

For more information and troubleshooting:

Flashowl Outdoor WIFI Extender AC600 | Troubleshooting steps

  • The Flashowl extender’s IP address should be nearby to the main Wi-Fi router’s IP address. Obtaining a proper IP address is essential.
  • Removing a wireless network will be an important thing when re-make your password or something about the wireless signal, and could not connect to it anymore
  • Can’t connect to theFlashowl AC600 extender setup page.
  • For connecting to the Wi-Fi, it will need you to change the wireless channel of the Flashowl AC600 range extender.
  • Configuring the security mode should be really helpful in resolving the security mode mismatch.

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