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Fix Wavlink Extender Yellow Light Issue

A detailed guide to fix Wavlink Extender Yellow light issue

The Wavlink Extender yellow light is also known as the Wavlink orange light by others. So, don’t be concerned, you’ll have the identical answer for both lights. This isn’t a big deal, since there’s no such thing as a problem without a solution. The same is true for the Wavlink Yellow Light mistake. We are here to assist you with your problem. We hope you are aware of your device’s LED behavior. This LED instruction is only included in the setup guide.

Don’t worry if you can’t reach the guide; we’d be happy to explain the meaning of the Wavlink extender yellow light and how to fix it. These are the topics we shall discuss in this blog. First and foremost, we shall discuss the significance of the flashing yellow light. Following that, we will enter the lane of reasons. Finally, let’s look at the various solutions for this issue.

Wavlink Extender yellow light problem solved


  1. Update the Wavlink Firmware

A firmware is built in every Wavlink extender. It can decrease your device’s performance if it is not updated on a regular basis. As a result, ensure that the firmware on your extender is up to date.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to update the Wavlink extender firmware:

  • Start your computer or laptop.
  • Launch a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or another.
  • Enter the default web address in the internet browser’s address field.
  • Push the Enter key.
  • Input the default admin password and username after you’ve arrived at the Wavlink extender login page.
  • Login by tapping the Login button.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu in the setup wizard.
  • Select Maintenance > Firmware Update from the menu.

Check to see if the yellow LED on your Wavlink extender has stopped blinking. If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting technique.

  1. Restart the Wavlink extender

As previously stated, technical issues can cause the LED on your Wavlink extender to glow yellow. You must reboot your smartphone to remove the bugs. 

This is how you can execute it:

  • Turn off your Wavlink range extender and unplug it from the wall.
  • Wait a few moments.
  • Turn on your Wavlink extension by plugging it back into the wall socket.

If you encounter problems while attempting to reboot your Wavlink wifi range extender, please contact our technical support team. They are constantly on the lookout for solutions to assist users like you.

  1. Examine the ethernet connection

Examine the ethernet cable that connects your Wavlink range extender to your home network. Is it damaged or worn?

If so, you might think about getting a new cable. Aside from that, ensure the ethernet connection between your devices is not loose.

  1. Check the Power Supply

The power outlet into which your Wavlink extender is plugged is most likely damaged. To troubleshoot the problem, choose one of the two options:

  • Repair your wall outlet.
  • Connect your gadget to another wall outlet.
  1. Minimize Signal Interference

Another thing you may do to avoid the Wavlink extender’s yellow light is to avoid WiFi interference.

Check that your wifi range extender is not near the following items:

  • Phones with no cords
  • Machines for washing clothes
  • Monitors for infants
  • Speakers with Bluetooth
  • Mirrors
  • Aquariums for fish
  • Treadmills\sTelevisions
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens for microwaves
  • Corners
  • Walls made of concrete
  • Also, keep your Wavlink extender away from water-containing items.


  1. Reinstall your Wavlink extender

Did none of the troubleshooting techniques suggested above help you resolve the Wavlink extender orange light issue? If the answer is true, you should think about conducting a factory reset.

Here’s how to reset your device to factory default settings:

  • Locate the Reset button on your Wavlink extender.
  • Take a sharp object like a toothpick and use it to press the Reset button.
  • Allow some time.
  • After the reset process is complete, reinstall your device using the setup wizard.


Finishing up

If the LED on your Wavlink wifi range extender is not glowing green, you are in trouble. We hope that by using the troubleshooting methods listed above, you will be able to resolve the Wavlink extender yellow light problem. If you are still having troubles, please contact our specialists.

Meaning of Wavlink Extender Light

You, like everyone else, must have wondered what the purpose of the Wavlink extender yellow light was. Before we begin, let’s define the Wavlink extender yellow light. The meaning of the flashing yellow light on the Wavlink range extender changes depending on the context or conditions in which you were utilizing your extender at the time. Understand that this light just indicates that your Wavlink extender has encountered an issue.

This error could be of any type, from configuration to technical. As a result, let’s look at the causes of the error or difficulty on your Wavlink wifi extender.

For more information:


Wavlink Extender Yellow Light Error Causes

As previously discussed, there are a variety of causes for the Wavlink to flash the yellow light. Let’s see whether you have any of the following problems.

Poor Network Connection – The main cause of the issue is a bad network connection. The flashing yellow indicator will appear whenever your network connection is bad. Maintain a strong wifi network connection to your extender at all times. If it is beyond your home router’s network range. Move it closer to the home router to eliminate the issue.

Satellite Connection – Check that you have a proper connection to the satellite. If you hadn’t already established a connection with the satellite. Then, sir, your satellite connection attempt was a failure. Try reconnecting or synchronizing it, and you should be able to avoid the satellite connection issue.

Cable Connection — If you were configuring the device via cable, your cable connection has failed. Make certain that your cable is not worn out and is not plugged in loosely. Because such inconvenience to your extender may result in the fault or issue. We hope you will ensure that all of these connections are made.

Faulty Firmware – Yes, as we all know, there are issues with delayed firmware updates and incorrect firmware upgrades. Both aid in the error of your Wavlink range extender LED indicator blinking yellow. We hope you will ensure that the firmware on your Wavlink extender is not out of date. Updating the correct firmware is needed; you cannot be incorrect – you cannot postpone the upgrade. You are not permitted to do anything. Firmware must be properly updated.

Infected Network – To ensure that you do not encounter any problems with infected networks. To secure a network, firewalls must be enabled. Even if your network has been infected, you may encounter the yellow light issue. This might be any malware or virus. So, no matter what network or device you use, keep your firewalls turned on. Another precaution is to avoid visiting vulnerable websites and to avoid clicking on unknown ad links for your own safety.

Time to Upgrade — Finally, it is time to upgrade your range extender. If this is the case, upgrade it by contacting wavlink’s official support. You may then obtain an upgraded model of the Wavlink range extender. Alternatively, if you purchased from a store. In such a scenario, you might go to that store as well.

These are the most likely causes of the flashing yellow light issue on your Wavlink extension.

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