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Coredy WiFi Extender Setup

Bring home the brand-new Coredy Range Extender Manual Setup device, if you facing problems like streaming, playing games, and doing your office work. The Coredy wifi range extender setup boosts the strength of your signal and enhances the actual wifi signal.

Coredy E300 Extender Setup

Coredy E300 Extender is an electronic device that boosts and expands your wifi network to the dead zones of your house.

It functions as a medium or bridge between the access point or wifi router and the devices that are out of their range. This transfers the wifi signal to your home dead zones and easily done Coredy E300 Setup

The signal is received and repeated to the other parts of your house from the data generating device (router, mobile, or computer). The Coredy extender comes with multi-function technology and also works as a router or access point as well as an extender. Even in the dead areas of your house, the extender is laced with high-technology that allows seamless connectivity.

Coredy Extender Setup

There are two steps to the Coredy Range Extender Setup:

  1. On the Extender Powering
  2. Connecting the extender to the current network

On the extender powering

You need to power the  extender to enable it to connect to the available networks before any further steps are taken.

  • Using the power on / off button, turn on the extender.
  • To use the device as a network extender, set the mode switch button to ‘repeater’.
  • Plugin the extender to a source of power. (In the same room where the router is connected, if possible.)

Note: When the extender is near an access point, it should be placed close to the AP Setup.

Linking up for the first time.

Connecting Coredy to an existing network extender

The extender can be connected in two ways to an existing network:

  1. Using a web browser
  2. WPS Method

coredy Extender SetupCoredy Extender Setup Using Web Browser

  • open wi-fi network manager on your mobile device or computer and search by default for the extension name, i.e. ‘Coredy .’
  • Select that name of extender and enter the password of the network
  • The password is printed on the back panel of the extender.
  • Open your device’s web browser and type IP address on the top address bar.
  • Login to the admin page if required by entering ‘admin’ as both username and password (both are same).
  • Go to the setup wizard and choose the repeater option.
  • Click on the select button to select the network to be extended. When the network list is not properly loaded, refresh the list.
  • Enter the existing network password or pin in the room.
  • Click on Apply and wait a few minutes before restarting the extender.
  • Search for the extended network and connect to it. (You must enter the same password that you entered when connecting to the extender).
  • The new name of the extended wifi network is ‘Coredy Ext’ by default.

Note: If the connection to the new wifi network is not established, the WLAN LED will keep blinking and the name of the new network will not be updated.

Unplug the extender and move it to about halfway between your house’s weak zones or dead zones and the router.

Note: Make sure at the same time that all three WLAN LED lights are amber (this indicates an appropriate position for the extender region).

Tip: In a higher region, place the extender so that it has minimum barriers such as walls, ceilings, and windows.

 Coredy Extender Setup via WPS

Follow these steps for WPS Method:

  • Press the WPS button located on the front panel of the extender. (After turning on, the WPS-led will blink.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes and press the router’s WPS button or the access point.
  • After a successful connection, the network name will change automatically to ‘Coredy  Ext’. The WLAN-1 LED will also turn amber, too.
  • Confirm connectivity via the computer or the wifi device
  • Unplug the extender and move it between the halfway point of the extension
  • Your house or office’s router/access point and weak zones / dead areas.
  • Place the extension in a higher, raised location that allows for a minimum of obstacles such as walls, windows.coredy extender setup

After shifting the extender from the computer or other device, find and connect to the wifi network.

Note: Make sure the three WLAN LEDs are all blinking.

The Wi-fi Protected Setup (WPS) comes with most routers and repeaters to make it easier and easier to connect to a secure and secured wireless network from a computer or other devices.

Without entering a username and password, the WPS setup allows you to connect to a wireless network.

For the WPS button, various manufacturers use different terms:

  • Push & connect
  • Wifi simple Setup
  • PBC
  • Quick secure setup(QSS)

Coredy E300 Extender setup through AP.setup

  • The Coredy E300 extender setup allows you to use it in your home or office as an access point for transmitting data.
  • Networking hardware that allows one or more wifi devices to connect to a wired network is an access point.
  • It connects via ethernet to wired switches, hubs, and routers and emits at a selected location a wireless local area network(WLAN, wifi).

The Access Point Setup:

  • Turn the access point on by turning on the On/Off button. Change the access points mode.
  • On the side portion of the extender/repeater, the mode switch is present.
  • Plug in an electrical switch access point.
  • Using the ethernet cable that came with the access point/extender to connect the access point to the wired port.
  • Open the wifi manager on your computer or device and search for the name of the Coredy access point network.
  • Choose the connection option and enter the username and password or PIN number on the rear panel of the AP label. (If needed)
  • Open your device or computer’s web browser and enter
  • http://ap.setup admin in the address bar, or http:/
  • On the open page, enter the username and password. (The admin is both the username and the password)
  • Go to the Mode Wizard and select the access point option.
  • Select the security as mixed WPA2 / WPA and in the key field, enter the security password or pin.
  • Click on apply and wait for a minute for the reboot of the access point.
  • Search and connect to your computer or device’s new wifi network.

Note: The access point generates a new extended wifi network called ‘Coredy’ and has the same wifi network password as the device.

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