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Coredy Extender Setup

Coredy Extender Setup: If you face problems streaming, playing games, and doing your office work, take home the brand-new Coredy Range Extender Setup. In real life, the wi-fi range extender increases the signal strength and improves the wi-fi network.

Coredy Extender Setup

Coredy Wi-FI Range Extender Setup An electronic device that boosts and expands your wi-fi network and removes the dead areas of your house from the signal. This Coredy Range Extender setup router or access point and the devices out of its range. This moves the wi-fi signal to the dead zones in your home or office. 

The signal is received and repeated from the data generating device (router, mobile, or computer) to the other parts of your house. 

Coredy Extender Setup Connect to a web browser:

  • Open the wi-fi network manager software on your mobile device or computer and search for the extension name by default, i.e. ‘Coredy’
  • Click the extender name and enter your mobile device or computer’s Extender connection password or pin. 
  • Open a web browser for your device and search for, or enter an IP address for AP.Setup In the address bar Setup. 
  • If required, login to the admin page by entering ‘admin’ as both username and password (they are both minuscules). 

Coredy Extender Setup

  • Go to the Mode Wizard and choose the Option Repeater. 
  • To select the network to be extended, click on the select button. When the network list is not loaded correctly, refresh the list. 
  • In the room, enter the existing network password or pin. 
  • Click Apply and wait a couple of minutes for the extender to restart. 
  • Look for, and connect to, the enlarged network. (The same password you entered when connecting to the Extender must be entered). 
  • The extended wi-fi network’s new name is ‘Coredy Ext’ by default.

Coredy Extender Setup Via WPS: 

  • Push the WPS button located on the front panel of the Coredy Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup. (After being turned on, the WPS-led will blink)
  • Wait 1-2 minutes and push either the router’s WPS button or the access point.
  • After a successful connection, the network name will automatically change to the New Extender Setup. The WLAN-1 LED will also turn amber.

Coredy Range Extender Setup

  • Confirm your connectivity through your wi-fi device or computer.
  • Unplug the extender between the halfway point of the extender and move it.
  • Your home or office’s router/access point and weak zones / dead areas.
  • In a higher, raised area, place the extension, which allows for a minimum of barriers such as windows and walls.


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