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Comfast WiFi Extender Setup with Access Point Instructions

  • Link to the COMFAST Wireless Network
  • Open your web browser and enter
  • Enter admin username and admin password
  • Now choose “Access Point”.
  • Set your Current Network Name, Encryption Form, and New Password in the Main field below, then click “Apply”
  • Wait for the system to restart.
  • Link to the new wireless network you called with the password you set.

For more information:

Access point setup
Comfast extender setup_

Comfast WIFI Extender Setup Installation 

Comfast Extender Setup are the ultimate solution for all your internet-related issues. They gradually increase the signal of your wireless network and spread it all across your home. Therefore, repeater eliminate all dead spots at your home.

Follow the below given instruction to to set up your Comfast extender:

  • Unbox the Comfast range extender and plug it in near to the router.
  • Wait for the light to lit up on the wireless repeater to start the setup.
  • Use any wireless device i.e. laptop or phone.
  • Go to the network settings option on your device and connect with extension WIFI.
  • Now open the internet browser and type the ap.setup
  • Fill out the default username and password named as Admin and password also Admin
  • Repeater will scan every available signals and show it on screen.
  • Select your signal you want to repeat.
  • Enter the WIFI password of your router.
  • Now wait for 10 – 15 seconds to sync your router and repeater to connect.
  • You are now successfully installed your WIFI range extender.

Comfast WIFI Range Extender Setup

  1. Power on the Comfast WIFI repeater to begin with the setup.
  2. After you’ve turned on your extender, you need to connect it to your router. To do this simply use an ethernet cable between both your gadgets. 
  3. Once you have successfully established a connection between your extender and your router,  get a wireless device that can connect to the Ext WIFI. 
  4. Now open a web browser and type in ap.setup in the address bar.
  5. You are now on the Comfast WIFI extender setup page.
  6. Enter the default username “ADMIN” and password “ADMIN“.
  7. Once you have successfully logged in, follow the on-screen instruction to setting up the repeater to the existing wireless modem or router.
  8. Just follow each step shown on the screen with care and you will be able to set up your extender with ease. 

And that’s how you do Comfast WIFI Range Extender setup. Cheers for a better internet onwards. 

If you are facing while setting up your booster. Don’t worry our expert are working 24/7 to fix any problem in regards to connect your extender.

COMFAST Wifi Range extender setup

Comfast WIFI range extender setup using

  • Firstly, attach the Wi-Fi device with COMFAST Ext network with displays XXXXX.
  • Launch web browser and fill in the IP address
  • You are now on the Comfast WIFI range extender setup page.
  • Type in your default username and password, type in “ADMIN” for both.
  • Choose Repeater on your PC/Laptop, this choice won’t be available on Phones.
  • The repeater will automatically look up for available Wi-Fis.
  • Choose the network that you want to boost.
  • Fill in your home router or the modem password.
  • Stand by for 30 seconds it’s applying the settings.
  • Now you have finally installed the wireless booster.

For more information and troubleshooting:

Comfast range extender setup with WPS setup

  • Place the Comfast booster next to main Wi-Fi router.
  • Press or hold the wirless protected setup ( WPS ) button on your repeater about 10 Seconds.
  • Now go to the modem or router and press or hold the WPS connection button.
  • Blinking blue LEDs on the WiFi signal will specify that connection is setting up with the modem and wireless booster.
  • Once your device got successfully connected. Attach with Comfast Wi-Fi repeater hitch is known as “Home Network”- PLUS.
  • It will ask you to fill in the password for protection basis, required one time.
  • Now your repeater is completely working, place it anywhere you want.

Comfast  Repeater will boost the connectivity at your home or office

Router or Modem
Range Extender
Laptop, Tablet, Printer or Cellphones
Comfast extender firmware update

Comfast extender | Firmware update

  • Open up web browser on any device that is attached with the extender’s network.
  • Open up the extender page and login.
  • When the browser will show a Menu image, tap on it.
  • Launch the firmware upgrade page:
    • Simply choose Settings and then Firmware Update.
    • In case, you don’t see that option, choose Maintenance and then Firmware Upgrade.
  • Now tap on Check Online or look for any update.
  • Whether new upgrade is available, obey the rules to upgrade your extender’s firmware.

How to setup my Comfast  WIFI range extender in repeater mode?

  • To set up Comfast WIFI range extender, firstly plug the repeater into an electric outlet.
  • Grab any laptop or a tablet to connect your device.
  • And now go to the wireless settings and connect with EXT network.
  • Launch any web browser on your device and enter https://ap.setup.
  • Put in your username and password will is both “ADMIN”.
  • Now choose “Repeater” and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Your booster is successfully connected to main router or modem repeater mode.

If you are facing any problem installing or login into COMFAST WIFI range extender setup page, feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 certified expert.

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