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Comfast WiFi Extender Setup with Access Point Instructions

  • Link to the COMFAST Wireless Network
  • Open your web browser and enter
  • Enter admin username and admin password
  • Now choose “Access Point”.
  • Set your Current Network Name, Encryption Form, and New Password in the Main field below, then click “Apply”
  • Wait for the system to restart.
  • Link to the new wireless network you called with the password you set.

Comfast WIFI Extender Setup Login Page?

COMFAST WiFi Extender Setup: Whether you are a gamer, a binge-watcher, or just an internet savvy, you need a great internet connection for all your online activities. However, it is not possible to attain the most out of your wireless internet connection when you have dead zones in your home. There Comfast Wifi extender is made for full fill the range of your dead zone area with the help of ap.setup.

Dead zones are places where the wireless connection cannot reach. Usually, these zones are created due to your walls, appliances, and dividing sections of your home. Moreover, these zones are likely to be found in larger homes. 

In that case, if you want to improve your wireless connection, you need to increase the range of your wireless network. Fortunately, you can do it pretty easily with the help of Comfast Wi-Fi range extenders. 

Comfast Extender Setup Installation 

Comfast Extender Setup are the ultimate solution for all your internet-related issues. They gradually increase the signal of your wireless network and spread it all across your home. Therefore, Comfast extenders eliminate all dead spots at your home.

Comfast extenders do so by catching the existing signals of your wireless network and then broadcasting them to the areas where the internet is lacking. The best thing is, all you need to do is to set up your Comfast extender.

  • Connect to WiFi Signal COMFAST in wifi connection list
  • Open the internet browser and type the
  • Fill out the default username and password named as admin and password also admin
  • Select Repeater, mobile device won’t show this option you have to use computer or laptop as shown in image below
  • Repeater will scan every available signals and show it on screen.
  • Select your signal you want to repeat
  • Enter the WiFi password of your router
  • Wait 30 seconds while the repeater resets
  • Now, reconnect to the new wireless network and enter the password

comfast wifi extender setup

Everthing is done now, wireless signal will be available for sure after connecting. If it still not connected then you have to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds then start it again it will work definately.

Comfast WIFI Range Extender Setup

  1. Starting off with the basics, you need to provide electricity to your extender and turn it on. To do this, connect the adapter to a stable source of power and press the power button for a while. Once the power LED gets stable, your extender is successfully turned on. 
  2. After you’ve turned on your extender, you need to connect it to your router. To do this, you can either use the WPS push button or simply use an ethernet cable between both your gadgets. 
  3. Once you have successfully established a connection between your extender and your router, you need to get a device that can connect to the network. A laptop or a desktop computer will work fine in this case. 
  4. In your device, connect to the network of your wireless connection. After that, open a browser of your choice by making sure it is up to date. In the browser, navigate to the URL bar and open the website – www.ap.setup. 
  5. Once you are on the new extender setup website, you will be asked to log in with username and password. If you are doing the setup for the first time, the credentials will be “admin” for both the input fields. Therefore, just fill up the fields and hit the login button. 
  6. Once you have successfully logged in, you will get a clean and simple interface. Under that interface, just click on the begin setup button. After that, you’ll get on-screen instructions to proceed with the setup. 
  7. Just follow each step shown on the screen with care and you will be able to set up your extender with ease. 

And that’s how you do Comfast WIFI Range Extender setup. Cheers for a better internet onwards. That’s all we have for today. 

If you are facing while setting up your Comfast wifi extender. Dont worry our expert are working 24/7 to fix any problem in regards to connect your extender.

COMFAST Wifi Range extender setup
Comfast extender setup_
Comfast extender setup
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Comfast extender setup
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