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blueshadow extender setup
blueshadow wifi extender setup

Blueshadow Extender Setup is very easy to set up and gives the internet access a decent lift, to which the lagging is cut down. It’s compact and elegant, too, so WiFi Extender Setup fits tucked away in the house comfortably.


Blueshadow Extender is too quick to mount this new wifi extender with ap.setup process. The guidelines are normal, but it takes less than 5 minutes with a little prior networking experience on IP address (plugging into other WiFi routers). The coverage is fantastic as it covers a very woman’s region and offers 1200 Mbps of easy bandwidth to scream.

It’s a unit that is very compact. In your power socket, it doesn’t hog up a lot of real estate. Unlike any of my other WiFi routers in the past, you might always plug something else in, like the Orbi, which is gigantic, clunky hideous, and needs to be unplugged and reset to function continuously.


BlueShadow Extender Setup


This is the standard wifi extender setup mode. The extender mode is used to expand your device’s network coverage area and to increase or increase signal power. A wide networking zone is created by the range extender mode, removing the dead areas of your home or workplace.


First, from the entry point, the repeater collects signal/input and then recreates a bridge for the data across the house’s dead areas through AP.setup.

blueshadow wifi setup

BlueShadow WiFi Repeater 


Below are the steps are taken to install the Blueshadow wifi extender setup using the WPS command.

  • Plug the range extender first to a power outlet near the wifi router or in the router’s coverage region.
  • Click and hold the WPS button on the router’s rear panel for 1-2 seconds, then release it.
  • On the range extender, press and hold the WPS button. Now, click on the router within 50 seconds of pressing the switch.
  • Blueshadow wifi setup will start rebooting and will eventually restart automatically. Link to the router or other computer successfully, next.


If your current wifi SSID name is WiFi, after a good link with the range extender, it will move to WiFi Plus.

Access Point Setup

  • Blueshadow wifi extender setup in this mode establishes a wireless network for the wifi system. Then the range extender transforms the device’s wired signal into a wireless signal.
  • You will link the wifi router/devices to the hotel rooms/homeroom broadband interface with the Ethernet cable with this model.
  • You will also share your wireless network with other wifi users, or you can create a new region for your wireless network.


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