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How to configure your AP extender setup through Ap.setup? 
Trying to set up the New Extender, go to your browser’s http:/ap.setup web address and access the extender’s smart setup wizard to install the extender in only two steps. Ap.setup web address diverts you to the extender website, so you can customize the wireless setup.
Guide to configure New extender setup: Ap.setup                                                      

  1. First make sure that the AP setup gets full power electricity and turn on your extender.
  2. Attach your extender to a power outlet to do this, and press the power button for sometime.
  3. If the power LED is stable the Ap.setup would be successfully switched on.
  4. Then connect it to your network when you switch on your extender.
  5. After you wired AP extender successfully to your wifi router, you’ll have to find a device that can connect to the network.
  6. Connect your wireless network on your device such as laptop or PC etc.
  7. Open a browser on your own after that, make sure it’s updated. go to the URL bar and open http://ap.setup or IP address.
  8. On the new extender setup page, you will be asked to Ap.setup/login with your login credentials.
  9. After signing in successfully get a quick interface. Then, just click on the Start Setup option under the application.
  10. Then just continue with the installation process by on-screen instructions.
  11. Follow each and every step displayed on the screen and you’ll be easily able to install your new extender setup.

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Use repeater mode to set up Victony Extender

In this case, the maximum area would be protected by the Fast Internet Speed restriction of the router.

  • Link the user to the same wireless network that is connected to the extender.
  • Browse via the URL for ap.setup/login. Sign in with the default credentials and select the Configuration Wizard repeater mode.
  • Pick your WiFi and use the password for the router
  • Later on, change the SSID. Apply the changes and connect your computer to the new Extender SSID.

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