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wavlink ac1200 setup

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How to Login Wavlink AC1200 Setup Page

The Internet is the backbone of this modern era. From business to individuals, the internet is helping everybody to grow with its great ability to keep you connected with the whole world. That’s why a modern individual cannot even think of a day without the world wide web. 

However, every great thing has some downfalls too. For the internet, the downfalls are dead zones. Dead zones are areas or corners in your house, where the internet doesn’t work. Usually, dead zones are found in large homes but can also exist in smaller houses. 

Even your appliances like microwaves and refrigerators interfere with your signal and contribute to creating a dead zone. Moreover, the walls of your home may also act as a blocker between you and your internet connection. 

WavLink AC1200 Extender Setup

The easiest way to get rid of dead zones is by installing a Wavlink AC1200. Wavelink AC1200 is a wireless range extender that amplifies your signal and boosts the speed of your internet. Hence, eradicating all the dead zones in your house. 

The device works directly with your router, catches its signals, and broadcasts it with a boosted frequency. Therefore, the aftereffect signals of the extender will be better, safer, and faster. Hence, you can do anything with your internet connection. 

Let us have a look at the configuration steps of Wavlink AC1200 Setup for easy and effortless setup. 

  1. First of all, obviously, your extender needs to be turned on to be usable. Therefore, connect your extender to a stable source of power by connecting the adapter to a power outlet. After that, keep an eye on the LED of your extender and make sure it is stable. 
  2. Now, you need to locate a button on the sideways of your gadget. Once you find it, turn it towards repeater mode. Once again, keep an eye on the LED nearby and ensure that there is a stable light. 
  3. Now, you need to place your router near to the extender. Make sure that both the devices are neither too far away nor too close. Maintain a proper distance between both the devices for the best coverage area. 
  4. After that, get your laptop or smartphone and open the wireless manager. Under wireless manager, connect to the wireless network of Wavelink. You may find the network with the name of wireless-N. 
  5. Once you are successfully connected, open up a browser and navigate to the URL bar. In the URL bar, enter the website Once done, hit the enter key on your keyboard to visit the website. 
  6. Once you are on the website, you’ll be asked to enter login details. Just enter “admin” in both the username and password fields. After that, hit the login button to continue. 
  7. Lastly, when you successfully log in, the website will navigate you through an interactive setup prompt. Just follow the instructions available on-screen and finish the setup. 

And that’s how you log in to your Wavlink AC1200 setup page. Once finished, feel free to enjoy the world of the internet without any dead zones. That’s all we have for today. 


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