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Dodocool Extender Setup

Dodocool Extender Setup

Dodocool Extender Setup:

Dodocool Extender Setup  is a wi-fi network extender. But what’s obvious is what a Wi-Fi network Extender is, and why do we need it? In our homes or workplaces where the network is not accessible, Wi-fi extenders can allow us use our smartphones. The spectrum of home routers is also not just necessary for house holds to have a efficient and effective wireless signal. To make things simpler, devices such as the Dodocool Range Extender Setup wall-mounted wireless range extender setup are highly useful. It can be hit just by the furthest parts of houses. It has a 300mbps and 2.4 GHz wireless transmission transfer capacity via wireless N(802.11n) and can run up to a distance of 100 meters. Dual integrated antennas ensure greater wireless performance and durability. There are various ways to accomplish the setup of the AP.setup

Dodocool new Extender Setup

Dodocool  Extender setup by ap.setup

  • Connect the extender directly to the electric green light port, which ensures the Dodocool extender is set-up-ready.
  • Now, go to your mobile / computer and connect to your Wireless-N network by pressing WiFi. For the Dodocool Extender network, this is the default word.
  • Open the chrome and type IP address or simply type ap.setup in the address bar.
  • You will open and enter “admin” for both your username and password on the Dodocool DC39 extender Setup tab.
  • On the machine where the network list is seen, scanning starts. Choose the main wi-fi network from the list and enter the password.
  • It will take approximately 50 seconds to enforce the setup  and it will reset after that. You’re going to link to the network. The extender will be your HOME-NETWORK ext.

Dodocool extender setup

 Dodocool extender Setup With WPS Method:

  • The extender needs to be wired to an electric outlet.
  • They’re meant to be in the same room as your router. The green light blinks, signaling that the Dodocool extender can be started.
  • Make sure you choose the right movement on your Mywifiext Range extender Setup from router mode, signal repeater mode, or range extender mode.
  • Push the WPS on your router now and within 2 minutes, push the WPS button on the extender. There is a Dodocool WPS click on the edge of the extender.
  • On the extender, you can see both the WPS symbol and the router blinking. And the dc39’s Wi-Fi light will turn solid before it is activated.
  • Now you can transfer this extension and connect your device to an area that is lacking in wi-fi.

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