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Comfast Wireless Repeater Setup

Comfast wireless repeater Setup

Comfast wireless repeater Network Setup:

Setting up Comfast Repeater setup using Simple Method.

step 1 – Comfast wireless repeater Network Setup-XXXXXXXX Link to WiFi Signal.

step 2 – Open the window and enter the New Range Extender Setup

step 3 –  Insert the default username and password. Both are managers.

step 4 –  Smart phones won’t offer this choice from a Computer Pick Repeater.

step 5 – The repeater searches for open signals.

step 6 – Select the signal you want to repeat.

step 7 – Insert your wireless router’s WiFi password.

step 8 –  Link and type the password to the latest wireless network.

step 9 – You are all done-after linking, wireless signal should now be visible.

Use WPS Setup Comfast Wireless Network Repeater:

Step 1 – Place the Comfast Repeater next to the Network Signal Access Point (once synced, you should re-position)

step 2 – On your home network, click and hold the WPS button (5-10 seconds)

step 3 – (Within 2 minutes) Click and hold the WPS button for 10 seconds on the Comfast Repeater setup.

step 4 – The link would be set up by blinking blue lights on the WiFi signal.

step 5 – Connect to the “Private Network” Comfast Network Repeater- PLUS

step 6 –  For protection purposes, you would be allowed to build or enter your password only once.

step 7 –  The WiFi Network Extender is calibrated and repositioned as needed.

Comfast Wireless repeater setup: Setting Up Access Point Instructions

step1 – Connect to the COMFAST Wireless Network

step2 –  Open the web

browser and enter http://ap.setup OR

step3 –  Enter admin username and admin password

step4 – Select “Ap.setup”

Step5 – In the Main field as below, set your Current Network Name, Encryption Form and Current Password, then pick” Submit Or if you have an entry point for 2 G and 5 G,

step6 – Wait for the reboot of the system.

step7 – Connect with the password you have set to the latest wireless network you have called.

Step 8 – You should be online, enjoy.

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